Who is the real Honey G?

©Thames / Syco

©Thames / Syco

Honey G – the middle-aged hip-hop X Factor contestant – has polarised viewers since her first audition, and though she may have passed for slightly funny at first, many were outraged when she reached the live shows and the likes of Samantha Atkinson were sent home.

Everyone is a bit confused about her – is she a parody? Has she been planted there by X Factor producers? Perhaps the scariest option of all would be that she’s actually being serious and thinks she’s a genuinely deserving contestant.

While we may not have any answers about the character of Honey G, we do know a bit about the real life of the woman behind her. Real name Anna Georgette Gilford, her LinkedIn profile reveals she is a 35-year-old Managing Director of an IT Recruitment company, has a master’s degree in management and is an awarded tennis champion. Her photos are practically unrecognisable and her life seems a world away from the “genuine urban artist” she claims to be.

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Could Honey G reaching this stage of the competition signal the beginning of the end for The X Factor? The show’s ratings haven’t been great in recent years, with this year’s first episode hitting a ten-year low in viewers, but when they start leaving out genuinely talented singers in favour of ridiculous acts like Honey G and Bratavio we have to question what the show is really about. Maybe this is a desperate attempt to boost ratings by making viewers tune in to see these over-the-top performers, but at the end of the day it’s a talent show and we want to see real talent when we watch it.

Honey G may not be causing any harm, and if she’s a middle-aged woman trying to fulfil her life-long dream of being a professional musician then fair play to her. It’s the judges who are causing the unfairness in the competition because they should know better. They’re supposed to take the most talented acts through to the live shows and this year Sharon Osbourne in particular seems to have done the exact opposite.

Maybe as the weeks progress we’ll get some more solid answers about Honey G and what her motives really are, but at this point it’s really questionable whether we should even continue watching at all.

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