Remembering Robin Williams

It is hard to believe three years ago today the world lost one of the greatest comedic movie stars – Robin Williams. The chameleon of film, Robin brought the world an array of memorable characters that will live on for years to come.

Remembering one of the funniest and most genuine celebrities out there, we bring you our favourite Robin Williams moments. Come on a journey with Mrs Doubtfire who is off Goodwill Hunting, trying to win a game of Jumanji before granting some wishes straight from the Genie lamp.

Robin Williams, we salute you.

Mrs Doubtfire

The best and most dramatic birthday dinner ever sees Mrs Doutbfire save the day. Catapulting herself over a banister to save a choking Stu (hiss), played by Pierce Brosnon, will forever be one of the best stunts to grace the big screen.


Our first meeting of the Genie was a burst of colour, humour and the birth of Disney’s most-loved character. One of the actor’s sillier characters, it was probably where most of us first met Robin Williams and welcomed his sense of fun into our lives.

Goodwill Hunting

Robin Williams was the master of drama, comedy and everything in between. Goodwill Hunting has been hailed as one of the greatest films of all time – no thanks to a certain Mr Williams as Sean Maguire. The pinnacle moment has to be when Robin’s character passionately retells the night he met his wife to a baby-faced Matt Damon… and all our hearts melted.


Monkeys running down the street, a lion locked in the bedroom and a stampede around the corner, Jumanji is a dangerous game. After being trapped in the game for 26 years Alan Parish, played by Williams, is released to save the day – he’s just a bit confused about what year he’s in.


If anyone can rock the mad scientist role, it’s Robin. The invention of Flubber, a green blob of… flubber, is another example of Robin’s wit, humour and ability to make adults and kids cry laughing. This time over animated green goo.

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