REVIEW: A Good Day to Die Hard

It’s been six years since we’ve be treated to an all-singing, all-dancing Die Hard movie so the unbreakable Bruce Willis had something to prove with the fifth instalment  Although the critics may not approve entirely of Brucey’s latest action antics, we know (and love) a good senseless action movie when we see one.

Jetting off to Russia to help his son (the very handsome and well buff Jai Courtney) out of a spot of bother (prison),  Bruce has no idea what he’s landing into. A simple vacation to find his son turns into a double-team mission to capture the prisoner, kill the bad guys and you guessed it, save the world. What more could you want?

Now before we gush completely about this movie, let’s just state for the record it’s nowhere near as amazing at the first three Die Hards, which in our opinion, are, well, amazing. However, if what you’re after is a whole lot of crazy action, car chases and explosions, A Good Day to Die Hard will not disappoint.

Bruce certainly hasn’t lost his John McLean mojo as he slides effortless back into his role of the tough, smooth-talking New York cop who just seems to find trouble wherever he goes. Despite being off duty, it seems Bruce can’t help himself as he gets twisted up into his son’s problems and his career as a spy – I bet he didn’t see that one coming. Despite being accidentally pitted against his very young and able co-star (Courtney), Bruce almost steals the show and frequently out-wits his son’s approach to situations, which provide the comedy that every Die Hard movie needs.

Taking on the role as Jon McLean’s son has to be one of the toughest movie parts to play, however Courtney puts in a brilliant performance and is definitely able to hold his own. The tough, not-so-smooth-talking New York spy still has a lot to learn from his old man, so it’s a good job Bruce decided to come along for the ride. Their bickering relationship initially threatens to get them both killed, after a wee heart to heart, they soon realise that together, they’re an unstoppable force. It’s amazing what a bit of father-son bonding can do.

The one possible annoying feature about this movie is the plot. Which is rather random and predictable and initially you might not understand what on earth is going on (there’s a lot of Russian and subtitles) but bypass the intricate details of plot points and story telling and you’ll find that every other movie box is ticked.

From one action scene to the next, the film just doesn’t seem to slow down and builds effortlessly to an incredibly intense, yet slightly ridiculous, finale of sweaty muscular men (that’s Brucey and his son) battling against helicopters, guns, plenty of explosions and a wee bit of radiation to save mankind from a nuclear war threat. That’s quite a story to pack into 90 minutes but they manage to do it. If anything, it’s just a really great action movie to occupy an hour and a half.


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