REVIEW: Cheryl: My Story

For the first time Cheryl Cole tells all in her only official autobiography.

For those of you who don’t know who Cheryl is (you must’ve been hiding under a rock), she shot to fame in TV’s Pop Stars: The Rivals, winning a place in girl band Girls Aloud. Since then, Cheryl has gone on to have an extremely successful solo career bagging three no.1 singles and two no.1 albums.  So it was only time before she decided to tell her side of the stories that have occupied the papers and magazines for over 10 years.

Cheryl narrates her story to the reader using her native Georgie accent, staying true to her origins. Beginning from a humble background in Newcastle, Cheryl guides us on a journey through her youth, her career with Girls Aloud and her roller coaster relationship with footballer Ashley Cole. Intent on setting the record straight, Cheryl: My Story is the singer’s chance to share her side of the events that have defined her career and personal life.

Open and personal, Cheryl constructs her story around the individual moments that have shaped her life and career, creating an accessible and compelling tale of fame and heartbreak. Long time fans of Cheryl Cole will appreciate a detailed insight into her life, unlike anything said or written about the pop star before. The well-known events and stories are given a fresh perspective, free of tabloid influence, and bring the audience closer to Cheryl, becoming a part of events rather than just reading about them. Cheryl leaves no stone unturned in detailing the difficult parts of her life, and the end result is compelling view of life in the limelight.

The book may be less accessible for those not already well-acquainted with the Cheryl Cole story, however, as this autobiography was designed to shed new light on existing stories, rather than to tell new ones. By offering her take on the many moments that have shaped her life in the headlines, Cheryl has created a diary of her life so far. This is an important piece for fans of Cheryl and celebrity culture, but is unlikely to win over any new supporters.

As a fan of Cheryl Cole, I enjoyed reading her story. However those who don’t follow the pop songstress may not find it their cup of tea.


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