REVIEW: Kardashian Kollection

Those famous Kardashian sisters have been keeping busy launching their very own fashion line exclusively with the UK high street retailer Dorothy Perkins. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have created a clothing range of more than 100 pieces consisting of leopard print, figure hugging dresses and sequined accessories.

I must admit, my guilty pleasure is watching their hit US reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians. I love the style the girls have, so I was really looking forward to seeing what the ‘Kollection’ included. I popped into my local Dorothy Perkins to get a closer look and this is what I discovered…

Big girls, you are beautiful

The Kardashains are known for their curvaceous figures so it is only natural they design a ‘kollection’ that they themselves would wear. Now girls, you might need your Spanx before you get trying on – the range is full of body-con dresses, stylish blazers, and bold animal print blouses. Perfect for any girl who wants to accentuate the smallest parts of her body and hide those wobbly bits! That said, the Kollection also works for those with a slimmer frame, especially the body-con dresses and skinny jeans.


We love…


Black pencil skirt

Flattering yet stylish, this item of the Kardashian Kollection is perfect to wear on a night out or even a day at the office. It’s one of those items you can keep hanging in your wardrobe and it will never go out of fashion, and at £25, you can’t argue with the price either!

Green collar blouse

I absolutely love this blouse. Gorgeous bold green colour, the chunky collar and cuff detail create a simple yet stylish piece and is another wardrobe must have.  Accompany the blouse with black leggins or shorts to create the sophisticated look. This little number will set you back £35, which is a pretty competitive price compared to other blouses in the Dorothy Perkins collection.

Animal blazer

Who doesn’t love a little bit of animal print? This type of fitted blazer is a season must-have and goes perfectly for a casual day out shopping or a night out the town. Roll up the sleeves to create that relaxed look and completely change the dynamic of an outfit. Accompany with a black shorts and a little black clutch to complete the ensemble. Priced at £50, a little pricey for a blazer, however animal print is one of those trends that is forever returning to the catwalk, a good investment I would say.

Above everything… accessories!

The best buys of the Kardashian Kollection have to be the purses and bags. Some are still a little pricey but for something you’ll use regularly, you can’t complain. Looking for a bag to complete your Christmas night-out outfit? Or do you just need a new everyday handbag with a bit of something extra? Look no further, the Kardashian Kollection accessories are definitely for you.

Blush stud tote bag is perfect for a day out. The detachable gold chain strap is great for adapting the style of the bag to your occasion yet at a cool £55, it’s maybe something to put on your Christmas list.

Purple sequin clutch is my must-have for a night out. Available in gold, blue and black, the sequins add a touch of sparkle to any outfit. Not only can you detach the chain to suit your wearing style, but it’s also big enough to fit all your essentials for a night out! Priced at £30, a wee bit more than I would normally pay for a clutch, but it ticks all the right boxes. A solid investment for the future and something that you could easily pair with a number of different ensembles to create a fabulous look.


Not so fond of…

Paying for the name

Like every fashion collection, the price you pay for the item is actually the price you pay for the name of that particular designer. This is the case with the Kardashian Kollection as I found some of the items a little pricey for what they are. The prices of their dresses range from £35-£50, which compared to other high street retailers, is a very good price. However, when making a purchase always think, ‘Could I get this in the same quality and for a better price in another shop?’ The answer to this question regarding quite a few of the items in the Kardashian Kollection would be yes. As much as I love the Kollection, it wouldn’t be my first choice when searching for a new outfit.

That said, we all know that items in a fashion collection need to compliment each other and you should be able to mix and match different pieces to create a range of amazing outfits. The Kardashian’s have done just this by creating one particular piece of clothing in multiple colours. This is great as it gives you a wider choice in creating an outfit and let’s the buyer have the creative control in what they want to wear together.

Overall the Kardashian sisters have created a great range of clothes for the UK market. Depending on the budget of shoppers, there is something for everyone yet always follow the number one rule in shopping: always shop around! You are likely to find similar items with a smaller price tag, though sometimes it is nice just to treat yourself once in a while.


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