REVIEW: Ke$ha – Warrior

That P-Diddy feelin’, city hittin’ wild child Ke$ha is back and she doesn’t disappoint. Her latest album Warrior, is a definite improvement on her previous albums but layered with all the same beat pumping, body shaking dance tunes.  Ke$ha’s debut album, Animal, hit the no.1 position on the US Billboard chart for nine consecutive weeks. Her next release, Cannibal, a deluxe version of her debut album also had great success in the charts. Let’s hope Warrior achieves similar success!

The album starts just as it finishes, full of big dance-pop beats, straight-talking lyrics and addictive tunes that are guaranteed to have you reaching for the repeat button. The title track, Warrior, sets the tone for the album, and is definitely something to listen to if your planning a night on the town. Her first single from the album, ‘Die Young’ is the perfect song to sum up the album’s overall tone. Guaranteed to get you on the dance floor, Ke$ha’s album is definitely one for the ravers. My favourite track on the album has to be I Only Want to Dance With You. It has a slight 80s electric pop beat going on and combined with Ke$ha’s edgy vocals, it makes quite an impression. A good contender for her next single.

Track Supernatural is another belter. A slightly uptempo mash-up of what could easily be a slower number, Ke$ha adds her usual funky dance mix to the equation which creates a fusion dance ballad.  The album does however slightly fall with the track Love into the Light which, compared to the other tracks, is quite forgettable. This time Ke$ha tries to completely conqueror the ballad, but with little effect. The chorus is a belter, but everything else fails to live up to her usual energetic mix of pop. Having said that, with an album of 12 tunes and only one is a disappointment, I’d say that’s job well done regardless.

Ke$ha teamed up with music legend Iggy Pop for the final track on her album, Dirty Love, which is a great way to end the album. Going back to her street-talking lyrical ways and foot stomping beats and of course the sensational vocals of Iggy Pop, what’s not to love?

Overall, the best music she’s produced so far. If you liked Ke$ha before, you’ll love her now. If you’re not already a fan, you may be pleasantly surprised. Songs Thinking of You and C’Mon echo musical similarities to Katy Perry’s last album Teenage Dream.  The album comes with an explicit lyrics warning, so it’s maybe not for the sensitive ears. But what else would we expect from the girl that brushes her teeth with a bottle of booze?


Check out the music video to her latest single Die Young below:

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