REVIEW: Lawson – Chapman Square

It’s safe to say that boy bands are taking over the charts currently with the likes of One Direction and The Wanted – and who doesn’t love a good boy band? Lawson, however, are just a bit more than a boy band.

Despite having all the standard boy band characteristics – being extremely easy on the eye and having catchy songs with an abundance of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ – they play their own instruments, write their own songs, have had an impressive 3 top ten singles and as of Sunday the 28 October and can boast that their debut album Chapman Square is sitting pretty at number 4 in the charts. In a sentence : they’re pretty talented.

It would appear that these boys have it all so I wanted to check out whether or not their album cut the mustard.

In simple terms – yes it absolutely did. If you want some heartfelt lyrics and beautiful acoustic melodies look no further than Chapman Square. Lawson’s lead singer Andy has a gorgeous, smooth tone to his voice which compliments the honest messages and typical ‘boy-meets-girl’ scenarios which play through their lyrics. The almost summery, singalong, acoustic songs on the album such as top ten hits Taking Over Me and When She Was Mine are reminiscent of Irish threesome The Script, which is in no way a bad thing.

Straying from their usual serious but pretty style, the album also contains some tracks that will just make you go “aww”. Some sad lyrics and the Andy’s lovely chocolate voice really do tell the tale of heartache in tracks like Standing in the Dark (currently in the charts) and Waterfall. Having said that, we are quickly brought back into the pop-rock territory that suits Lawson back with tracks like Gone, which is bound to be a future hit, and Everywhere You Go which is quite similar to the three tracks we’ve already heard. Learn To Love Again is a good up-tempo track which has a different feel for the boys, and a strong drum beat not too distant from the style of The Wanted, and I’m sure we’ll hear it on the radio at some point.

Overall, the theme of the album is much the same – love and heartache. However, this theme is explored through some really great tracks so it doesn’t really matter. Chapman Square is perfect car music – great for a singalong with the girls. Highly recommended!


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