REVIEW: Sinister

I love a good horror movie. I also love the nail-biting, edge of your seat, sick-to-the-stomach feelings that come with a particularly good horror movie. So, when I saw the trailer for Sinister, and the words “from the producer of Paranormal Activity and the director of The Exorcism of Emily Rose”, I knew it was an absolute must-see.

It never helps to go and watch a horror movie in the cinema because the terror is completely amplified – the noises are louder and you’re in a room full of people sharing a collected nervousness for what they are about to put themselves through. It also doesn’t help to go and watch a horror movie in the cinema at night, because that long walk back to the car in the dark is really not a good time, particularly after having watched Sinister.

A brief synopsis of the plot is that true crime novelist and family man Ethan Hawke discovers a box of mysterious, disturbing home movies that lead him and his family into a supernatural world filled with horror and despair. Some of you are probably thinking why would you EVER want to go and see that, and I now sort of wish I’d thought the same!

Two minutes in, five enormous gulps later, I’d established that dragging my friend to watch it was a pretty horrendous idea on my part – I was utterly petrified. It has a 15 rating, so there wasn’t too much gore, however it’s the sickening plot which brings the element of horror to this movie. The production is absolutely fantastic with every single heart stopping, creepy noise calculated to perfection, and every shadow and camera angle creating an ambience of pure fear in the cinema. Looking around I could see that everyone had looks of discomfort on their faces. This was largely due to the content – Sinister is exactly what it says on the tin. The home videos mentioned earlier really are disturbing, this mixed with all the typical horror movie notions – night terrors, a snake, some creepy symbols and the fact that everything always happens in the dead of night made me feel like I was about to vomit for the majority of the film. This bizarrely means the directors and producers have done a great job!

If you’re a bit sensitive I’d advise you to stay away from this movie as some of the footage is pretty upsetting, but as a lover of horror films I can safely say I was completely and utterly terrified. That is, until the end. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the ‘supernatural’ so to speak – I find it hard to believe, and once a movie crosses over into the realms of the unknown I find it immediately less scary (which with Sinister was actually a good thing because I was on the verge of a cardiac arrest). Having said that, my housemate believes in all things paranormal and found the ending completely and utterly terrifying, as was the rest of the film. I think it largely depends on personal preference, but the film, as a whole, is brilliant in a completely disturbing way. It has all the qualities you look for in a horror movie – a good cast, a terrifying soundtrack, some brilliantly disturbing camera work and the ability to absolutely scare the wits out of you.


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