REVIEW: Twin Atlantic, Glasgow Barrowlands

Twin Atlantic
Glasgow Barrowlands – 26/10/12 

The self-styled “last hurrah” for latest album Free brought the jock-rock juggernaut back home to Glasgow for a slick and passionate set comprising tracks from their first two studio albums as well as a collection of live favourites and B-sides which introduced a bit of much-needed variety into proceedings.

Although they still retain some of the teenage swagger demanded of young rockers, this was a maturer, more assured Twin Atlantic than the one who shot onto the scene three years ago, instantly comfortable with their material without seeming bored by it, they shot into a stirring opening segment of sprawling hard-rock anthems culminating in Lightspeed and What is light, where is laughter?

Lead singer and mainstay of most fifteen year-old girls’ bedroom walls, Sam McTrusty then took some time to massage his own ego to a slightly more mellow acoustic soundtrack which lacked the soaring energy of the earlier part of the set, though the ecstatic Barras crowd merely seemed delighted at the opportunity for a sing-along.

The tranquility was short-lived as the amps were turned to eleven and the lights set to strobe for a raucous finale, with the choruses of Human After All and Free both sounding every note the rock epic. With the crowd exhausted there was just time for a bit of uncommonly sincere banter and a couple more acoustic, solo numbers from McTrusty before an equally spent band said goodnight with the promise of a swift return.

It was an extremely professional and engaging performance that seemed to be delivered in cruise-control, an example of Twin Atlantic’s continuing development into the kind of ultra-professional uber-rockers which have dominated the industry since the Foo Fighters first hit the big-time.

The one thing Twin Atlantic may be wary of is the unavoidable, continuing comparisons to Biffy Clyro; as well as the obvious musical similarities there are also parallels to be made in terms of on-stage demeanour, especially in terms of things like the ad-libbed jams at the end of songs and the spectacular light shows coordinated to the beat of the drum. While there are far worse bands than the Biff to be accused of ripping-off, Twin Atlantic showed with this performance that they have the potential for greatness in their own right.


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