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Two Door Cinema Club’s upbeat tunes have been the soundtrack of many a summer – this one included. We caught up with bassist and synth player, Kevin Baird, to find out about the band’s love affair with Glasgow.

How did you first get into music?

Myself and Alex (Trimble, vocals) always played classical instruments and orchestral music in school bands. When we were teenagers starting to play guitar, it was more of a rebellion – in a sort of: ‘I’m not going to have to learn how to play Chopin or whatever – I’m going to learn how to play Nirvana’ way.

What has it been like seeing the response to your latest album, False Alarm?

We would always look at bands as a kid and think, ‘Wow they have four albums, that’s so cool, they’ve been around for so long.’ To us, that was what made you not a new band anymore. We’re really happy with the record and are pleased to have it well-received by fans – if they like it, we start to notice when we play songs live, we really feel like we’re connecting with people. It’s great to have been doing this for 12 years. We’re still making music and we feel like we’re still on an upward trajectory, which is really important for us.

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Here we, here we, here we fucking goooooo

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You’re coming back to perform at the O2 Academy in October. Are you excited about the return?

We love Glasgow. We actually lived in Glasgow for about a year. After the whirlwind of the first album, we wanted to go away somewhere and write the second album. So, we wrote our second album while living in Glasgow. It was amazing – we love Scotland.

When we were deciding between studying and going for it with the band, we were planning to study in Scotland because it’s so great. Everyone always really wants to go to Glasgow and it’s a good party. We just want to play shows and we love the city and the people, too.

What have you found to be challenges of working in the music industry?

We struggled with the transition from becoming teenagers into young adults into men – I guess that’s the time you learn who you are, and you develop into the person you want to be. For a long time we felt like imposters in our own skin, because we found we had to play a role a lot of the time and I think that impacted our mental health.

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FALSE ALARM IS OUT NOW! Hello, you lovely people! We’re very pleased to share with you all our new record FALSE ALARM in its entirety. We hope you like it and take some time in this overly busy world to listen to it from start to finish. We’re so proud of this record and we feel incredibly lucky to do what we do which wouldn't be possible without having all you incredibly loyal, passionate and lovely fans! So this record is for you! Let us know what you think, tell us your favourite song and we can’t wait to see you all on the road soon. We are trying to get to as many places in the world as possible so if we haven't announced a show near you right now there’s a good chance we’ll be announcing something soon. Thank you all again, we appreciate it. TDCC x link in bio

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And, for budding musicians, what titbits of advice would you provide?

When you’re making music, or painting a picture – anything creative – I think your value as a person is caught up in that. That’s a very easy trap to fall into, when you’re starting out. Sometimes you get bad feedback and it really affects your self-esteem. I think the goal is to get to the point where positive or negative criticism doesn’t matter – you’re doing it purely for the enjoyment for yourself, you’re not writing for any other people.

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