Scarlett’s powerful selfie

Everyone loves a filter – Valencia, anyone? The internet is a wonderful place filled with pugs, kittens and Harry Styles. It can also be a very daunting place thanks to the veil of filtered selfies and false reality.

You’re always living your best life online.

Now, straight-talking lady of the moment Scarlett Moffatt is baring all to show that not everything you see online is real. On the TV, we’re used to seeing Scarlett with perfect makeup and a bouncy blow-dry that would make Kate Middleton’s hair look limp. But all is not as it seems.

Taking to Instagram, Scarlett is showcasing that not all is as it seems online. Sharing two pictures, one au naturel and a glammed up number featuring a classic Snapchat filter, Scarlett is dropping some truth bombs.

She wrote: “To all you young girls (and older ladies) out there don’t believe all you see on social media,” and the star is getting praised for her status. Hopping onto Instagram or Facebook for a leisurely five-minute (20 minute) scroll, you’re not short of picture perfect selfies – hello, feeling a little insecure.

Coming forward to show not all the images you see are a true representation of life is what the world needs at the moment. Social media has received some flack in recent months due to its impact on mental health, especially for the younger generation.

Fingers crossed if more famous faces ‘bare all’ this image of perfection will be lifted. Let’s go back to enjoying dogs seeing snow for the first time or cats sleeping in hammocks.



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