Scottish Election 2016: Why I’m voting SNP

saffron-snpSaffron Dickson shares why she’s voting SNP in the upcoming Scottish election.

I vote SNP because I believe in them. I believe in our ability to protect childcare, to protect our NHS and to always provide the best government for the Scottish people. But it’s actually a lot simpler than that – I vote SNP because the SNP is me.

The SNP is anyone who believes that we should protect the most vulnerable in our society. The SNP is anyone who believes that our services such as our NHS and education are vital to our country and shouldn’t be privatised.

I support independence for Scotland but actually, you don’t NEED to have voted yes or even support independence to vote SNP; the SNP is a party that has delivered in government both as a minority and majority government and have provided for everyone without bias.

The SNP has made a considerable effort to provide a safe place for women – they stand up and say that your biological anatomy does not effect your ability, access to opportunity or intelligence in this party, and as a feminist, that gets my vote.

I vote SNP because the SNP is Stronger for Scotland.

Saffron Dickson is the vice convener of Glasgow SNP youth. She’s been an active member of the SNP for two years now, taking in various roles. She is 18 years old and currently studying Geography at Glasgow University. She loves dogs and spends all her spare time with her four-year-old staffie.

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