Scottish hip hop bands together for mental health gig

We Are All Here will be held in memory of Lumo © Team Lumo Fundraiser

Music has always been an integral part of uniting everyone. Now, the biggest names in the Scottish hip hop scene will release the beats to battle mental health stigma in memory of rapper Lumo aka Mohsen/Calum Barnes.

In a bid to keep Lumo’s spirit alive, and encourage open discussions on mental health, a night of killer beats, rhymes and riffs is set to take place in May.

Grabbing inspiration from a poem Lumo wrote about mental health for See Me Scotland prior to his passing, the event is called We Are All Here and will take place on Thursday 3 May at The Classic Grand.

Already receiving a tidal wave of support from the who’s who in Scottish hip hop, this is not one to be missed.


Discussing mental health has gradually become less taboo in recent years. However, many young men still bottle their feelings inside and this can cause heart-breaking results. In September of last year Lumo, a slick rapper respected in the scene and one of the leading names in the hip hop community, lost his life after battling mental health issues.

We Are All Here is pitched to be a night of emotive rhymes, power, slick beats and call to action for an important cause. If the line-up is anything to go by, We Are All Here will show the true talent flowing through the Scottish hip hop scene.


Coming out of rap battle retirement is one of Scotland’s most prominent rappers – and Lumo’s personal friend – Loki to battle Edinburgh’s Oddacity. Other notable names on the bill include Scotlands number one beatboxer Bigg Taj performing with Spee Six Nine, winner of Scotland’s best hip hop act 2017, Kid Robotik, Sunny Govan’s Steg G and Lumo’s own rap crew Deadsoundz.

Event organiser Hannah Currie says: “I’m so excited about the line-up – every act on this bill could be a headliner and they’re all getting involved because the cause is close to their heart. It’s going to be an incredible night.”


Alongside the event Hannah is in the process of making a documentary on the mental health crisis of young men in Scotland. Intertwining thoughts, sounds and lyrics on the loss of Lumo the documentary, due in the summer, is set to shine a much-needed spotlight on mental health issues.

A testimony to the talent lost and a push for more men to speak openly and honestly about their mental health, We Are All Here has a fierce message to spread.

Tickets for We Are All Here can be purchased for £5 on Skiddle here.

If you or someone you know is struggling then #ItsOkNotToBeOk, call 116 123 for urgent support.

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