Scream machine: Top Halloween films

Dust off the cobwebs, perfect your ghoulish scream, grab all the fake blood palettes you can and get ready to haunt the night because Halloween is just around the corner. You can’t celebrate the month of scares and screams without watching the best of the best horror films.

From murdering psychos to haunting demons in your nightmares, there is a horror for everyone. So grab the popcorn and find a good hiding place because we’ve rounded up the best Halloween films to terrify your soul…


After spending 15 years locked away for the murder of his sister, the man in the boiler suit is back. We’re talking the most terrifying Halloween villain of them all, Mike Myers (no, not the guy who played Shrek). After escaping prison, Mike is back to cause some more drama and leave you to terrified to sleep with the light out for weeks to come.


An oldie but a belter – this is an American teen horror like no other. Never has making popcorn been so terrifying with a masked murderer prank calling you. Nobody is safe… not even Monica from Friends.

The Exorcist

Back in the day, this was a terrifying thriller with a small girl possessed by the devil. Thanks to CGI and all that other cool cinematic stuff, The Exorcist doesn’t pack the same punch but it is a must-watch during the darker nights of October. Be prepared for green goo everywhere.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

A slasher to end all slasher movies. Does exactly what it says on the tin – murderous crazy person wielding a chainsaw, in Texas. Watch as the iconic Leatherface character is brought to life to terrorise teenagers. What more can you expect from hillbillies living away from civilisation?


A dark comedy, Beetlejuice is excellent if you’re looking for something sinister but still want to get to sleep. After newlyweds Barbara and Adam Maitland die in a car accident, they end up haunting their house and its new occupants. Enter Bettlejuice, a menacing pest whose helps just causes a whole lot of bother.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy Kruger is coming out to play this Halloween and he’s haunting your dreams. After preying on teenagers in their dreams – hello, young Johnny Depp – the characters end up dying in reality. It’s a true thriller with a little bit of action to boot. What’s not to love?

The Shining

Here’s Jonny! Jack Nicholson is a weird guy at the best of times and this is a must-see for all horror/thriller fans. The Shining sees writer Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) try to cure his writer’s block by being a caretaker in a remote hotel. Inevitably, things don’t go well – if you’ve not seen this then you’re sure to have seen plenty of parodies. The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror anyone?


No, not the reboot – this is the original. Much more terrifying. Watch as Stephen King’s psychotic clown demonises seven young children he first encountered 30 years before. This is guaranteed to rattle you to your core.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Not terrifying in the slightest but it is a must over Halloween. Get weird with Dr Frank N Furter and his crew as he makes a man who will “swallow raw eggs, try to build up his shoulders, his chest, arms, and legs”. A musical following the adventures of Brad and Janet, come and do the time warp and get funky.

Hocus Pocus

You can’t have Halloween without watching this classic. Hocus Pocus follows new guy in town Max Dennison as he tries to impress his lady friend by freeing a coven of evil witches. Smooth. It all gets a little dramatic as the lovebirds try and stop the witches from becoming immortal. Don’t miss it.

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