So you want to get sporty…

With the sun making a reappearance, the temptation to stay indoors with Netflix and a bumper size bar of Galaxy isn’t quite so great any more. In fact, we’re finding ourselves wanting to get out of the house and actually moving. Insanity.

And what better way to do this than by taking up a new sport? Sports clubs up and down Scotland are crying out for new members to join their ranks, so whether you’re a total novice or fancy yourself as the next big thing, here’s a few of the activities you can get involved with.



The old track and field might have had its reputation tarnished by rainy days in PE being screamed at to run around the ash pitch (boy did that hurt when you fell), but athletics can actually be LOADS of fun. Whether you’re a sprinter, a shot-putter, javelin thrower or long jumper, there’s plenty to try out to get you in the mood for the Olympic Games this summer. Find local athletics clubs at



Skateboarding is an honest-to-God sporting activity – not just something you did with your mates in your pre-teens to liven up a Saturday afternoon. Skateboarding provides a full body workout, makes you work on your balance and coordination, and teaches you the art of precision. There’s a lot more to do it than just standing on a board – especially if you master some of the high-end tricks. Scotland is home to lots of amazing skate parks, like the indoor Unit 23 park in Dumbarton and Kelvingrove Skate Park in Glasgow.



The beauty of running is that it can either be a solo pursuit or a social activity. So whether you want to get out, pound the pavements and clear your brain or catch up with pals, pull on your trainers and get moving. Join a local running group like Parkrun, download apps like Nike+ to track your progress, set yourself goals, sign up for a local race or fun run… There’s really no stopping you. Run, Forest, run!



If you want a bit more of a challenge with your sporting pursuits, check out orienteering. Sounds a bit naff, but it’s actually a load of fun – and you get to use your brain too, giving you a physical and mental workout. You get given a map and sometimes a compass, and the idea is to get between specific points in the shortest time possible. You can walk it, jog it or run it, and compete as an individual or as a team. Find out more at

Roller derby


Roller skates, women and mild violence – what could possibly go wrong?! If you’ve seen Whip It, you’ll know this one well. Two teams of five players skate in the same direction around a circular track in two-minute match-ups known as jams. Each team has a jammer whose job it is to lap the other team and score points – the others have to do what they can to block the opposing team’s jammer. It’s full contact, so can get pretty brutal – it’s fast, furious and a whole lot of fun. Find clubs near you at

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