Social Bite’s Sleep in the Park

Forget T in the Park, Social Bite’s Sleep in the Park is where it’s at. The charity is working to end homelessness in Scotland by hosting the biggest (outside) sleepover ever – featuring some pretty cool names.

Grab your sleeping bag and sleep rough in Edinburgh’s West Princes Street Gardens to raise some serious dolla to end homelessness. Taking place on Saturday 9 December – it’s gonna be a cold one – Sleep in the Park hopes to raise £4 million for Social Bite.

Social Bite is a social enterprise sandwich shop, with branches in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, which provides employment for homeless people, and all the profits go towards helping other homeless people across Scotland.


Billed as a Live Aid for homelessness, even Sir Bob Geldof (he was the man behind the Live Aid concerts in the 80s) is going to be sleeping rough. There will be a whole host of famous names getting involved, including Frightened Rabbit and Amy MacDonald who will be performing as buskers.

Still not convinced? Then one busker in particular is sure to change your mind. Don your parka and get your swagger on point as the one and only Liam Gallagher has announced he will also be busking on the night. This may not be the Oasis reunion we’re all waiting for but it’s a fun way to raise money for an extremely important cause and see some famous faces.


All you need to do to secure a ticket is register on the Social Bite website and raise a minimum of £100, with an initial £50 donation, and be prepared to sleep rough for a night. Simple really.

For more information head over to Social Bite’s website. Round up your mates and help tackle Scotland’s homelessness.

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