Didn’t get the results you want? Think about Clearing

If you didn’t meet the conditions of your offers, or there’s none you want to accept, don’t panic. Clearing lets you apply for other courses once your results are through.

Don’t panic

Nothing is as heartbreaking as not getting accepted to your top choices for uni, but it isn’t the end.

Through Clearing you can see course spaces that are still available and can be applied for. You can apply for Clearing if it is after 30 June, you didn’t receive any offers (or none you wanted to accept), or you didn’t meet the conditions of your offer.

Some courses are already on Clearing ahead of results day so you can take a look if you think you will need to use the service.

Check Clearing is open

You will know that Clearing is open if the status in the Track page says ‘Clearing has started’ or ‘You are in Clearing’. Don’t panic if this doesn’t appear, it might take a few hours for your results to update the page.

If your school has a career advisor, or you have a teacher who has been helping with your UCAS application, you can ask for their advice about applying through Clearing.

Use the search tool

Once you can access Clearing you’ll be able to use the search tool to find out which courses still have vacancies. Remember that you don’t have to stick to your initial subject choice. This is the perfect opportunity to change things up if you weren’t sure about your choices.

Don’t rush and choose something for the sake of it: Clearing is open until mid September and places will be updated once universities can process results.

Talk to uni you are interested in

Once you have seen a few courses that you like don’t add them in Track straight away. You have to contact the universities directly and ask if they would accept you. They’ll be able to access your application through UCAS.

You can call more than one university or even ask to be reconsidered for your firm choice if there’s still places available.

Once you have informal offers over the phone pick which course you would like to attend. If you have time it’s a good idea to view the campus before you make your final choice.

Add your Clearing choice in Track

If you are sure of your choice and have permission from the uni you can add your Clearing choice in Track. This will count as you officially accepting the offer.

If they confirm this it will show up as an acceptance on the Choices page. You can only add one course at a time, but if you don’t get accepted you can add another.

If you only applied for one course initially, you might have to pay an extra £11 to go through Clearing.


Even if you didn’t get the results you expected it isn’t the end of the world and it definitely doesn’t mean you aren’t going to uni. Once your choice has been accepted it’s time to sit back, relax and celebrate.

For more information on Clearing visit the UCAS website or read their frequently asked questions page.

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