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Tonight, Made In Chelsea series five draws to a close. It’s been another dramatic run of awkward silences, speech so posh we can barely understand a word of it, too much time spent in beauty salons, exotic holidays, love triangles and squares, more sleek blow dries than we know what to do with, cocktails parties every night of the week, plenty of polo chat and enough fun to keep us going for a year, all topped off with a BAFTA win – and we’re devastated that it’s coming to an end.

For us, however, there’s been one runaway success this series. Someone who took us completely by surprise and maybe even usurped Francis Boulle in our affections. It’s thatserious. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about Lucy Watson.

When Lucy Watson first sashayed down the King’s Road and into our lives, we didn’t think much of her. Describing her self as a ‘player’, upsetting everyone in sight and trampling all over the hearts of our favourite Chelsea boys, we were definitely not impressed.

But this series has been a revelation. She’s been so funny, so sharp, so utterly unimpressed by everything in front of her that, heck, we can almost forgive her for the Spencer thing!

Here’s why we think Lucy Watson rocks…

1. She’s Lucy Watson

No one ever calls Lucy Watson just plain old Lucy. Not even her closest chums. Is Chelsea overrun with Lucies? We don’t know. But Lucy Watson commands a double naming, and for that, she has our respect.

2. She’s the undisputed Queen of Eye Rolling

Have you ever seen a human being roll their eyes and look as bored as Lucy Watson, even in the most spectacular situations? At first, we thought it was plain old rude, but turns out, Lucy’s the coolest cat in town. Prince Harry could saunter up to her with a diamond the size of a football and she wouldn’t even care. Lucy Watson is cucumber cool.

3. Her grill

In series four, our favourite fashionista Rosie decided to throw a dinner party. As one does. And it shall henceforth being known as the Most Awkward Dinner Party in the History of Mankind. Pre-party, Lucy rejected an offer from Jamie to go as his date, stating she was busy, and then turned up with the delightful Andy Jordan. Chaos – and the funniest line in MIC history – ensued.

4. She could resist Andy Jordan’s nostrils

Speaking of that awkward dinner party, shortly after flaunting Andy under Jamie’s nose, she decided to ditch him in what was possibly the most brutal break up in the world. The girl must have a will of steel to not be impressed by Andy’s amazingly smooth face, flaring nostrils, magnificent hair and dreamy eyes. Oh, Andy…

5. She tells it like it is

When Lucy swept into Chelsea at first, her devil-may-care attitude is what made us put our hands up and said, ‘Oh, no, not our cup of tea.’ Turns out, it’s the best thing about Lucy Watson. She’s very to the point. If you want an honest opinion, just get Luce on the phone. She doesn’t hold back. Likewise, she’s the first girl in the history of the universe to tell Spencer Matthews to sling his hook. And then she caved. But she definitely put him in his place before she did cave. (Lucy, please chuck him – you could do LOADS better.)

6. She’s actually really likeable

Beneath the bravado, the snipey comments and unimpressed facial expressions, there is a certain vulnerability to Lucy Watson – see breaking down in tears in posh ski resort Verbier when the Trio of Blondes (who even are they?) had a go at her – which proves she is human. She’d also guarantee a great night out, packed with laughs and drama. But when’s a night out in Cheslea ever drama-free? Plus, she’s now bezzie mates with Binky, the best person on the planet. If she gets the seal of approval from Binks? Well, that’s good enough for us.

Lucy Watson, you’re a hero amongst incredibly well-groomed Chelsea women. We salute you.

The Made In Cheslea series finale airs tonight at 10pm on E4.

[Image courtesy of Channel4/Todd Antony]

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