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My Mad Fat Diary

E4’s My Mad Fat Diary follows 16-year-old Rae Earl after being discharged from her four month stay at a psychiatric hospital. During the first series, which aired in January last year, Rae documented her struggles in a diary where she touched viewers with her bitter-sweet honesty. The programme returned to E4 on Monday and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Although the show’s storyline focuses on a dark topic, its fabulous sense of humour will have you in hysterics at times, and at others, help you understand what those diagnosed with a mental health condition experience in everyday life. Rae suffers from anxiety and depression which are the two most common forms of mental illness in the UK, and it’s therefore vital society understands what these conditions can entail. However mental health is often a taboo subject and many sweep it under the rug. But when we hear so much of other illnesses like cancer, it doesn’t seem to fair to ignore mental health.

Those living with an illness, such as anxiety or depression, can live a fulfilling life, providing they receive the appropriate medical treatment, but it can be harder to fight the stigma attached to depression than the disorder itself. Many have trouble finding work and making friends because others aren’t aware of the facts, and assume those diagnosed are not fit for purpose.

Rae however has a fantastic amount of support from her best friends Chloe and Izzy, and let’s not forget her lovely boyfriend Finn. The three of them, alongside Chop and Archie, have just started college and Rae is trying to be optimistic about her new start and hopes that the bullying she experienced in school is a thing of the past. But does high school stay at high school? Tune in on Mondays at 10pm to find out…

Photo: Ed Miller/Channel 4 Television

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