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Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Time for the wannabe Madonnas and guitar-playing hotties to warm up their vocal cords and grace our televisions once more. It’s X Factor time! Whether we tune in to witness some shocking singing or to catch a glimpse of the next big sensation, there is no doubt that The X Factor has a dear place in the nation’s heart. But what makes this TV talent show such a hit with us Brits?

The Judges

From Louis Walsh’s ‘inspirational’ speeches to Nicole’s sassiness you have to admit that the judges are key to The X Factor’s success. We all love a bit of cruel criticism from the panel and not to mention the drama which unfolds between the judges. But just as you thought the panel couldn’t get any better, the notorious Sharon Osbourne is back. Although Nicole may not have much competition in regards of the best dressed, we are sure that Sharon’s well known flamboyant hairstyles will make up for it!

The Hotties

One Direction, Union J, JLS… Can Britain take any more heart throbbing boy bands? Source thinks yes! The X Factor definitely supplies a fair amount of eye candy for all us girls to swoon over. But men don’t fret; drop dead gorgeous girls always find their way onscreen along with a few oddballs, of course! Brace yourself Britain for a full new breed of frantic fan girls…

The Horrors

The X Factor has certainly given birth to a few infamous ‘stars’ over the years. With Jedward jumping aimlessly around stage one week, to Wagner banging his bongos the next followed by Ablisa throwing a few punches here and there the fun never stops. These tone deaf contestants undoubtedly bring the entertainment factor and don’t pretend that you aren’t excited to witness the next wacko to endure the judges’ put-downs… We sure are!

Drama, Drama, Drama…

We all love a bit of onscreen drama and The X Factor supplies enough of it. If it’s not the judges at each other’s throats, it’s the contestants turning on each other. And with opinionated Sharon Osbourne back in action, we here at Source find it hard to expect anything but drama in the new season. Watch out Louis, Sharon’s water might just be coming your way… Again!

The O’Leary charm

Presenting and dancing? Mr O’Leary certainly isn’t a one hit wonder. We all love a bit of Dermot’s ‘dad’ dancing at the beginning of the show, even if we are staring at our screens cringing! Don’t worry Dermot, your shimmying absolutely has the X Factor!

It’s everywhere!

There is no escaping the X Factor buzz and why would you want to?! Finding out all the back stage gossip is all a part of Britain’s love affair with the show. Don’t try and pretend you all don’t love to find out who’s gets sent packing each week and who’s hating and dating – you aren’t fooling us!

Don’t miss The X Factor’s return tomorrow night on ITV

Image: ©ITV/Nicky Johnston

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