Staying Safe

We at Source know how to have a good time, so we’ve decided to share our ‘keeping safe’ secrets to help keep our readers safe too. Keeping yourself and your valuables safe doesn’t have to be chore, in fact it’s pretty easy to do…


Try to plan where you’re going and ask around friends for the best pubs and clubs. You’ll soon find out which places have the best reputations and doing so helps you have the best possible time.

Pocket Essentials

Only take what you need with you and where possible keep these items in zipped pockets or bags and never leave them unattended.

Keep Together

‘Safety in numbers’ is definitely the right choice for a night on the town. Staying together in a group will not only make you feel more secure but you will be less of a target to thieves.


Keep an eye on what you’re drinking and don’t leave your drink unattended just in case something foreign falls in. If you feel unwell after a small amount of alcohol tell your friends and inform club management.


Keep to well-lit and populated areas. ‘Oh look, there’s a dark alley…’ doesn’t sound too safe does it? Also, be careful you don’t flash all your expensive belongings, someone unsuspecting might be watching.

Going Home

It’s closing time and all you want to do is get to your bed. Take a taxi with friends and you’ll get home in no time plus splitting the cost of the taxi with friends makes it pretty cheap. If you do have to walk home, keep to main roads and walk in the direction of oncoming traffic, that way no-one can pull up behind you without you noticing.

Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it? To be honest most of you are already doing many if not all of these things already. So keep up the good work and enjoy keeping safe on your next night out…

If you do run into trouble, no matter how big or small, don’t hesitate to dial 999. It’s what the emergency services are there for.

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