Getting the dolla over the summer: a quick guide to top up your balance

Rejoice, because the summer holidays are (finally!) here. With almost three months to enjoy: there is a world of opportunity waiting for you to tap into.

If you do summer right, it could just let you level up in your chosen career – not to mention the extra cash!


If you’re gearing up to leave secondary school and venture into life outside the classroom, an internship could be the right route to take over summer. Unfortunately, many internships are currently unpaid so you won’t actually get to save any money. Instead, you’ll work alongside industry professionals in a field that interests you.

Most professions and career routes offer internships. Even taking a week out of your summer to intern will allow you to experience life in the fast lane, make contacts, and let you see what working in your desired field is really like. Who knows, you might start the summer wanting to be a lawyer and end it aiming for veterinary school.

Testing the water is always a good shout when it comes to choosing a career path. After all, sad fact coming your way, you’re going to spend most of your adult life in work so you best make it something you love to do.


There’s nothing more rewarding than giving back to those in need, from helping the local animal shelter or sitting chatting with residents in an old folks’ home. There’s plenty of volunteering opportunities: figure out what you care about and what you want to support.

If your sights are higher than the local charity shop, then volunteering abroad could be for you. Venture down the road less travelled with GVI who also provide volunteering opportunities for under 18 and conserve turtles in Greece; have an adventure and volunteer in Costa Rica; or embark on a construction project in Nepal.

The tan, a lifetime of memories, independence and experience is in the bag. Make sure you knock last summer out the park.


The good ‘ol holi-yays are not just about internships and volunteering in far off lands. Getting a part-time job is just as valuable and good for the pocket. From taking orders as a waiter, creating a masterpiece in the local bakery, getting a taste of green finger life in a florist, to working as a cashier in the local shop; there’s a whole pool of work waiting for eager students to fill.

Having a part-time job over the summer is the whole package: earning money, learning valuable transferable skills, and there’s still time to enjoy the summer. When you head back to school some employers might keep you on for weekend work, ideal if you’re a savvy saver looking to top up the bank balance.

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