Sun, ski, chalet? Here’s the Source guide to seasonal summer jobs

Fancy earning some cash abroad this summer, while also boosting your CV?

If you’re keen to work in the sunshine, meet new people and have a summer you’ll never forget, grabbing a seasonal job is probably a wise idea.

There are thousands of jobs available for bright young Scots like yourself, you just need to work out the one that’s right for you. We’ve done a little pick-and-mix of job opportunities for you to capture your imagination, to give you some inspiration on how to spend your summer.

Summer Camp

Summer camps are a great opportunity to get involved in sport, theatre, Girl Guiding, teaching, Scouts or music while spending your summer outdoors in the sun. There are so many opportunities around the world, but here’s a little flavour of the camps available to get you started.

Sign up for BUNAC and you could get placed at one of its all-American summer camps to enjoy months of sports, games, water-skiing and a clean-living good time.


If you don’t fancy the good ol’ US of A and want something more exotic, why not check out Camp India? You’ll be working with street children, but also getting the opportunity to work with baby elephants. BABY ELEPHANTS.


You could teach campers how to do jazz hands and perform stage shows at Stagedoor Manor in New York, where Natalie Portman and Zack Braff count themselves among the summer school alumni. Staff have to over 21, but it’s a summer you certainly won’t forget in a professional theatrical environment – great for the CV of budding theatre luvvies.


Au Pair Abroad

Got a knack for taking care of kiddies? Becoming an au pair can be an amazing experience, wherever you decide to do it.

You can build on your existing foreign language skills, or pick up a new language completely. If you’re planning a career in childcare or modern languages, this seasonal job might be for you.

Au pairs act as live-in babysitters for families around the world, becoming part of their host family and caring for children. You earn a weekly allowance (around €60 – €80) and get your room and board free.

Websites such as AupairWorld allow you to create a profile advertising your experience, qualifications and aims for the summer. It also allows you to browse hopeful families that are looking for au pairs, from homes in France and Austria to Florida and Australia.



Interested in becoming the next generation’s favourite teacher? Regardless of your chosen subject, getting teaching practice before your degree will massively boost your employability once you graduate.

TEFL [Teaching English as a Foreign Language] jobs are a great way to explore the world and gain valuable skills in teaching, public speaking and organisation. Even if you’re not interested in making a career from teaching, TEFL is a wonderful opportunity to expand your horizons and make new friends.

Many jobs ask for you to have a TEFL qualification, but if you have a little extra cash you can work this into your trip. You can teach and travel in Thailand, for example, studying for your certificate before taking up a post.

Some jobs also accept 120 hour or weekend TEFL courses, which you can do online.

Or for later in the year….

If you’d prefer to save over summer and take a wintry seasonal job instead, there are plenty of opportunities for chalet boys and girls in ski resorts across Europe and Canada.

Whether skiing, snowboarding or making party snowmen is your thing, working in a chalet can give you great work experience, discount lift passes and fantastic nightlife in the middle of some of the world’s most beautiful mountain ranges.

If you fancy hitting the slopes close to home, there are chalet jobs in Les Alpes in resorts such as Val d’sere, but if you fancy going further afield there’s always the (extremely pricey, but highly revered) Whistler resort in Canada.


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