Superdrug apprenticeships

Not knowing what you’re going to do once you leave school can be daunting and university or college isn’t for everyone.

Apprenticeships are a great way to gain qualifications that will help you get a good job without going through higher education to get a degree.

What you might not know is that one of your favourite high street beauty stores offers apprenticeships.

Superdrug is currently offering two different types of in-store apprenticeship, apprentice healthcare adviser and apprentice sales adviser.

Both positions are open to people who are aged 16 or over and have a grade C GCSE (or equivalent) in English and Maths. If you aren’t currently at college or in their last year of school,and don’t have a degree, you can apply.

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What do they entail

In a Superdrug apprenticeship you’ll be working full-time in store learning about the retail sector.

You will also be studying towards your HABC Level 2 Retailer Diploma if you are in the sales adviser apprenticeship.

In the healthcare adviser apprenticeship you will be working towards your Customer Service Practitioner Level 2 Diploma and pharmacy counter level 1 qualification.

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Why you should apply

We could go on for days about why apprenticeships are great, but why not hear it from people who have completed a Superdrug apprenticeship.

“My apprenticeship has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. I tried college but it wasn’t for me. It has boosted my confidence massively and I absolutely love what I do. I get on so well with my team and have made so many friends here. Would 100% recommend to anyone,” says Rob S.

“I’ve recently completed my apprenticeship, I’ve learnt more than I ever thought I would! I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship at Superdrug to anyone who is unsure to do with their career! I could never have done it without the help and support of the team at Superdrug! It has helped me with my career path and made me 100% confident within the retail environment!”¬† Bethan C

“My apprenticeship was the best decision I’ve ever made, it has boosted my confidence dramatically and I’ve met some amazing people including my team and other within the company. I recommend them to everyone 100%!!! I’m so excited for my future career within Superdrug,” says Kayleigh A.


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How to apply

The application process is simple. Once you find an apprenticeship in your area click apply now to start the process. You’ll be asked to fill in the contact details of your guardian and yourself, your English and maths qualifications and details about your employment history.

Don’t worry if you’ve never had a job, there’s an option for this and you can still apply.

The last step in the application process requires you to fill out some questions about yourself and why you’re considering an apprenticeship in retail.

Along with getting qualifications, there’s extra perks that come along with a Superdrug apprenticeship. You’ll receive a 30% staff discount and access to discounts at other stores.

To find out more about what the positions entail, rates of pay and where they’re on offer right now, click here.

To learn more about apprenticeships click here.

Words by Emma Storr

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