How to survive your Leaver’s Holiday

Summer has arrived, you’ve packed your bags and you’re ready to leave your childhood behind and embrace your 6th year holiday. Follow our top tips to make sure you come home in one piece …

Don’t get a naff t-shirt

Airports are strange places. You’re not allowed to take suncream or water over 100ml and yet on the other side you can buy a gallon of whiskey and enough Toblerone to immediately induce diabetes. People lose all sense of time and personal space: belts loosen and shoes come off. You’re delirious at the thought of having just spent £200 to be trapped in the sky with strangers. It’s a confusing place. So you can kind of understand the warped logic in all wearing t-shirts emblazoned with both your name, location and a tiny cocktail glass. Resist this urge.

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Go easy on the buffet breakfast

The great thing about travelling is that you get to absorb other cultures, take risks and try new foods. Or at least that’s the idea. In reality you’ll probably find the nearest Ye Ol English pub serving a British banquet and eat a million tiny pastries, three kinds of sausage and a waffle. At least round it off with a pint of orange juice and small bowel of fruit to make sure you get your five a day!
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Avoid the tattoo parlour at all costs

I’ve seen some bad tattoos over the years and most of them start with the sentence, “I was on my Leaver’s holiday…” These include, but are not limited to, a Ronald McDonald tattoo that covered their entire chest, bees on both knees and the name of our school on their bum (complete with a sketch figure of their fave teacher).    

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Be sun safe

It’s not glamorous and we know we sound like your mum but for god’s sake put some sunscreen on. Factor 50 please. And maybe a big hat. PS get some gradual tan moisturiser if your feeling pasty. No one will know the difference and you’ll feel smug when your friends start to peel.

Don’t break your mum’s heart

As tempting as it will be to stay on in Maga as a rep, forever surrounded by inflatable floats and 241 cocktails, all good things must eventually end.



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