Mind your manners!

Mikhaila Friel shares why she things manners are just as important now as they were when your gran was a girl… Whether you’re going for that big job interview, you’re meeting someone for the first time or you’re hanging out with your nan, there’s a little thing called ‘politeness’ which is never going to go […]

YOUR VIEW: Ignorance isn’t bliss

Seventy years after the liberation of Auschwitz and following the Parisian terror attacks, Eilidh Stewart questions just how far we’ve come in terms of tolerance, understanding and knowledge of different regions, cultures, races and beyond… I read an article in Grazia magazine last week which was titled “As a Jewish Woman, I’m Afraid to Stay […]

YOUR VIEW: Give Bieber a Break

Let’s not beat about the bush – Justin Bieber has had a proper shocker of a year. The once angelic teen singer’s life seems to have been one big run-in with the law over the last few weeks, thanks to very public arrests and allegations of drink, drugs and fast cars. It’s just the latest […]

YOUR VIEW: It’s Christmaaaaaaaaaaass – and has been for a while…

On Saturday, I found myself in an unusual situation. The situation being that I was sitting at my desk, writing up the words you are about to read. The situation was unusual because my Saturdays tend to be much livelier. And by livelier, I mean living it up with The X Factor gang before going […]