#REFUGENES: What do refugees look like?

Dawn O’Porter’s new campaign asks members of British public: ‘Do you have refugenes?’ What do you think refugees look like? Do they look helpless? Malnourished? Suspicious? Different? Turns out they look just look like you and me. Sometimes, as Dawn O’Porter’s new campaign points out,  they even look like celebrities. Stars from the worlds of […]

Dawn O’Porter: “You’ve got as many hours in the day as Beyoncé”

The spring issue of Source is hitting schools, colleges and universities this week – squeal! Alongside all the best careers advice and biggest interviews, we’ve got queen of the unusual documentary-turned-author Dawn O’Porter as this issue’s celebrity graduate. As well as sharing details of the academic experience that kick-started her career, Dawn told us a […]

REVIEW: Paper Aeroplanes – Dawn O’Porter

Paper Aeroplanes is the debut fiction novel by the wonderfully hilarious journalist Dawn O’ Porter. Formally known as Dawn Porter, she is famous for her eyebrow-raising, brutally honest documentaries where she has explored a number of typically taboo subjects including polygamy, breast cancer and even Dirty Dancing. Besides being married to comedy hunk Chris O’Dowd […]