Glasgow is not affordable for students

Setting off to university in Glasgow this year? Well, get saving team. The Royal Bank of Scotland student living index discovered that Glasgow is the least affordable city in the UK for students. Expensive It just so happens to also be one of the best student cities out there too. The study revealed that Glasgow […]

It’s St Andrew’s Day! Here’s Why Scotland is the Best Place on Earth

We are naturally really optimistic people. Especially when it comes to weather… I mean, who remembers when we named a hurricane this… We put pasta INSIDE our pies Went to Scotland for a few hours to see some pals get married, saw some men in skirts, did some country dancing and took one single photo. […]

The Best of the Fest: What to see at the Edinburgh Fringe

Okay so we can’t all be at Rio but you know where we could afford a nifty wee train ticket to? THE EDINBURGH FRINGE! That’s right, it’s that time of year again –  so grab your best friends, your sunnies and head through to the capital and check out the best of the fest below! […]

Pokemon Go! Scotland Catches Them All

Pokémon Go is here! You’ve been exploring neighbourhoods to catch wild Pokémon in alleyways, parks and shops around Scotland since the new gaming app was released. Found Jigglypuff in a corner of your bedroom? Sandshrew at the post office? It’s time to catch them all, all over the country. Here’s how each city is coping with […]