What I learned from results day

Results day is weird. You wait a long, long time for it, and it’s over in a second. This year, the wait from my last exam to 8 August felt painfully slow, especially given the fact I’d just sat five Highers and this was, arguably, the most important academic year of my life. I don’t know […]

Coping with exam results day

The build up to receiving exam results can be a very daunting time, particularly when you have conditions to meet to secure your place at university or college. Whilst many of us have been there, there isn’t a huge amount that can be said to steady those jitters. However, here’s a few things to remember […]

Clearing explained

  Got your exam results but haven’t quite made the grade when it comes to getting into the uni of your choice? Enter Clearing! This is a second chance for those determined to get started at university this September – and here’s how it works. What is Clearing? Universities across the country need to fill […]

The 10 stages of exam results day

Never has a text message meant so much. Not even when that babe from your maths class replied with a winky face a few months ago. Your phone will be vibrating at ungodly o’clock tomorrow morning, one little text message revealing your fate. Exam results day is almost here. Whether you’re celebrating or commiserating tomorrow, […]

What to do if your results don’t go according to plan

There is probably no day in your life that will cause you as much stress as results day. Sorry we can’t sugar coat that for you – it’s the worst. But, on the plus side, most people have gone through it, and you know what? They survived! And you will too. So whether you scraped […]

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Exam Results in GIFs

Thanks to bottomless sangria in Spain with your mates on your sixth year holiday, exam season already feels like a distant memory. It’s hard to believe you ever studied anything. Your brain now is 70% Big Brother, 20% Netflix and 10% Instagram… In fact when people ask you anything about the topics you studied for, […]

Don’t miss the MySQA sign up deadline!

While you’re enjoying your summer break, exam results are probably the last thing on your mind – but 9 August is edging ever closer, and it’s time to get prepared! To save you anxiously waiting on the postman arriving on the ninth, the SQA has a handy service where you’ll get your results by text […]