The 10 stages of exam results day

Never has a text message meant so much. Not even when that babe from your maths class replied with a winky face a few months ago. Your phone will be vibrating at ungodly o’clock tomorrow morning, one little text message revealing your fate. Exam results day is almost here. Whether you’re celebrating or commiserating tomorrow, […]

Funny exam answers

Exams are well and truly underway and we understand how stressful this can be – hoping you don’t forget all your revision, days wasting away with your head in a book. Never fear you will get through this and to give you a helping hand we’ve got some cracking funny exam answers to make you […]

World’s Best Football Commentary Moments #R1Commentary

Radio 1’s Chris Stark and Scott Mills have caused a stir with their alternative football commentary for BBC’s Euro 2016 semi-final coverage, France versus Germany. Here we pop into the commentary box to scream, shout, sweat, cry and squeal with the world’s top commentators. Let’s start with Iceland…. “NEVER WAKE ME UP! WE ARE NEVER GOING […]

10 times Andy Murray was our favourite person ever

Our favourite Scottish sportsman, Andy Murray, has broken the world record and become the first man to win the Queen’s Club tennis tournament five times. Yesterday Murray, 29, took home the Queen’s trophy after beating 6ft 6in Canadian power-server Milos Raonic  6-7 (5), 6-4, 6-3. Let’s hope the world number 2’s winning streak continues on into […]

The 5 personalities of Instagram

Spend half your life on Instagram? Us too. (At @source.magazine in case you were wondering.) If you’re as into liking the pics of strangers as us, chances are you’ve come across these interesting characters as your scroll your life away… The Supportive Friend Probably your flatmate who gives you the obligatory like 2 seconds after […]

Ignore the glossies – how to really deal with rejection

Glossy women’s mags are packed with sage advice and words of wisdom to live by – but, as we found out this week when Glamour’s US arm was mocked relentlessly for their guide to making your man fall in love with you (vomit), the top tips passed on by the glossies aren’t always as wise […]

The 11 stages of exam revision

From Rachel-from-Glee levels of enthusiasm to Red Bull-ed up to the eyeballs, where are you in the exam revision process? 1. Super keen Here we go! Exam time is HERE! It is ON. I’m going to study every day, I’m going to get top marks. Look at all my Post-It notes and different coloured highlighters! Behold my […]