5 ways to… pass the employer Google check

Most of us still wouldn’t have our mums as friends on Facebook. What if they saw those pictures from that beach party in first year? What would happen if they saw that status you posted about a certain memorable character that you met out in town last Saturday night? While avoiding befriending the parentals is […]

HOW TO… Apply yourself

We break down the ins and outs of applying for the job of your dreams… Summer – a time for holidays, festivals, sleeping till three in the afternoon, epic day trips with your mates… And for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to have a money tree in the back garden, it’s the season […]

To cover or not to cover – the need for a cover letter

The cover letter may not be essential for every role when applying for a job, but it can most certainly help in adding the personal touch to your application. CVs restrict the amount of information you can provide, so use your cover letter to throw in the additional information that will make you stand out […]