How I became a national news reporter: Colin Stone, STV

Colin Stone is a production journalist for STV. His job involves chasing stories, live reporting and reading the news on national television. At just 24, Colin is a rising star within Scottish media. That doesn’t mean he knows how to tie a tie though… Q: You’re young to be reading the news on national TV! […]

From Scotland to Shortlist Dubai

With limited job opportunities in the UK and the expansion of many businesses overseas, living and working abroad is now a common venture for many young people. But what is it really like? Twenty-four-year-old Sarah Garden, originally from Inverness, is the digital editor of Shortlist UAE magazine in Dubai. She took some time out to […]

DREAM JOB: Fashion Reporter

Ruairidh Pritchard (pictured right) graduated with a BA in journalism from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2011, and now works for SHOP Magazine, the luxury shopping and travel guide published by Global Blue (, covering over 50 destinations worldwide with a readership of over 4 million, making them the world’s largest publisher of free distribution shopping […]