The real cost of fast fashion

Fast fashion is a term coined to explain the growing trend of cheap, high street clothes. But, with such a cheap price tag, what is the hidden cost?

Is social media harming your health?

Yesterday was international social media day. But whatevs right? Everyday is social media day now. But is your daily Snapchat story, morning Tweet and evening Instagram doing more harm than good?  Research shows that using social media networking sites daily makes you more likely to feel lonely and alienated. We’re all guilty of scrolling […]

Finding a balance!

If you have recently started back at school or uni, you might be struggling to get to grips with your new timetable. The sudden shock of not being able to binge on Netflix on a Sunday and being expected to (shock horror) read over a mathematics course handbook can leave you feeling a bit queasy. […]

How to… Stay healthy this summer

So you’ve finally finished your exams, and summer’s right around the corner. The sun’s out (ish), and you have no reasons to stay indoors. So why are you finding yourself glued to Netflix and sleeping until noon?! That’s not what summer’s about! If you want to avoid the dreaded lazy-itis, here’s how to stay healthy […]

Tat’s life…

  “People who say you don’t get pain are lying. It was the worst pain of my life but I regret nothing.” Struan MacRae is a tattoo lover. He has four tattoos: a compass on his chest, a family crest on his shoulder, a koi fish covering his entire back, and his latest addition – […]