The best Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube

Just been invited to a Halloween party this weekend and no idea what to wear? Never fear – the good people of YouTube are here to rescue you! The video streaming site is jam-packed with incredible, creepy makeup tutorials that are perfect for the season. So dig into your makeup bag (or your sister’s) and […]

What’s in your makeup bag?

It’s so easy to throw on a bit of lippy, slap on some foundation and Cara-fy your brows before you head out for the evening, without giving a second thought about the contents of your makeup bag. In getting ready to hit the town, do we ever consider what our favourite cosmetics are made from? We’ve done a bit […]

Summer Beauty Heroes

While summer holidays are great for your mood and tan, they can wreak havoc on your beauty regime. From uncontrollably frizzy hair to makeup actually melting off your face, it can be difficult to look your best during the warmer months. Fortunately, our favourite brands have noticed that we all need a little more attention during […]

Making Monsters

As the co-founder of MillenniumFX, Europe’s largest provider of special effects makeup, prosthetics and animatronics for TV, film and stage, it’s safe to say that Neill Gorton’s job is a little unusual. We speak to the man behind the aliens of Doctor Who, the blood and guts of Saving Private Ryan and the supernatural creatures […]