How to save money when you’re a poor student

With balancing deadlines, exams and a part-time job, students tend to have enough on their plate without having to worry about money. Just because it is the stereotype that all students are poor, doesn’t mean that has to be the reality. We’ve gathered some tips to help you save the pennies and hold onto your […]

Swapping fast food for home cooked meals = happy bank balance

We’ve all experienced the moment when you get home after an awful day and the last thing you want to do is stand and cook for another hour. Enter your local takeaway! These days, it’s far too easy to be lazy and order food instead of making it – with apps, you often don’t even […]

Introducing Source student discounts

  A million and one plans, plenty of ambition and a wish list as long as your arm and no funds to make it a reality? We’re feeling you, kid. There’s nothing quite like the temptation of the high street, restaurants and holiday providers to make you feel thoroughly depressed about your financial situation. But, […]