Staying off social media during COVID-19

During uncertain times such as these, you might find yourself glued to your phone, scrolling Twitter for constant updates, or retreating to Instagram to try and find some positivity.

All The Celebrities That Marched This Weekend

Saturday January 21st, saw 2.9 million people – yes men and women –  take to the streets to join the peaceful protest across the globe in support of women’s rights. Think hosting the march the day after Trump was inaugurated was a coincidence? Think again. The global marches aimed to unite people against Donald Trump’s presidency, highlighting […]

Was Brexit Illegal? High Court Ruling Explained

Three judges ruled on Thursday that Theresa May cannot invoke Article 50 – to start formal exit negotiations with the EU – without Parliament’s support. But what does that all mean? Source gives you the answers.  Following the EU Referendum in July that saw 52% of Britain vote to leave the EU, there has been a […]

Terror In Nice: What We Know

It seems not a week goes by in 2016 without the announcement of a terror attack. The Orlando club massacre. The assassination of Jo Cox. The bombings of Brussels and Istanbul airports. This morning the world wakes to yet another dark shadow, cast across a tormented year. As France celebrated Bastille Day on the evening of July 14, […]

2016 Olympics to include refugee team

Nothing brings people together quite like the Olympics. So it’s only right that world’s biggest sporting event just got a whole lot more inclusive. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) have announced that, for the first time ever, a team of refugee athletes will competing at the Olympic games in Rio this year. The mixed-gender team […]

Scottish Election 2016: The campaign begins!

Yesterday, the MSPs who take up residence at Holyrood went their separate ways to get stuck into the Scottish parliamentary election campaign. The Parliament will be on a break until the election to give the parties the chance to get on the campaign trail and win the support of the voting public. First Minister Nicola […]

Why are celebrities boycotting the 2016 Oscars?

Celebs have spoken out about boycotting the 2016 Oscars due to the lack of diversity in the nominations. Director Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith’s wife, took to social media to voice their views on the nominations and announce that they would not attend the awards ceremony on February 28. This outcry comes after […]