Part-time jobs and what you get out of them

With the summer holidays finally here (🙏) you’ve got heaps of time on your hands! So much time for Netflix and snoozing and hanging with your pals. But not if your parents have anything to do with it. Your mum’s all over the old “got a job yet” chat, and you’re either going to have to move […]

The Truth About Working In Retail

At one point or another, all students have to get a part-time job to support themselves through their studies. (Unless your parents are millionaires or you’re from Made In Chelsea – in that case, lucky you!) Retail is a very popular option with students, with the industry employing 2.77 million people in the UK alone. […]

Why work experience is worth it

As soon as I turned 16, I was desperate to get a weekend job. My first position was as a ‘Saturday girl’ in a children’s footwear shop- I can still reel off some facts about Hush Puppies if you asked me. However, at that point I never thought about getting some kind of work experience […]