5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

We’ve all suffered from procrastination at one point or another. Sometimes it’s the sudden need to walk your dog. Other times, you just sit scrolling through your Facebook news feed, even though there have been no new developments in the past fifteen minutes. Current student Eilidh Stewart, the voice of experience, offers five ways to […]

The Essential Prelim Playlist

Music can bring energy to the dullest of moments, but playing it while studying can be distracting – mostly because you can end up singing along to all your favourite tracks. Lyrics are the ultimate attention diverters when we’re trying to concentrate, but it’s no fun sitting in silence for hours on end with no […]

How To… Ace Your Prelims

It’s the first week back at school and just five minutes after you’re reunited with the friends you didn’t see over the festive period – prelims hit. Some think that because prelims are marked internally, and their grades don’t end up on the all important SQA certificate, that they just don’t matter. But they do. […]