Refugees are not terrorists

A worrying number of people in Scotland seem to be confusing the victims of the civil war in Syria with terrorists from the extremist organisation, Isis. Following the attacks in Paris, there were anti-Muslim attacks in Glasgow and couple of protests promoting anti-immigration with signs saying ‘no to refugees’ in small towns.   One of […]

They’re human too

Yesterday’s front pages were like something out of a horror film. Is a dead toddler on the beach of a popular tourist resort a sight we ever thought we’d see in Europe in 2015? Not in a million years. But it wasn’t just three-year-old Aylan Kurdi found on the beach yesterday morning. The body of […]

What’s going on at Calais?

You may have seen a heart-wrenching image of a toddler washed up on a Turkish beach, dead, on your news feed. His family were fleeing in a boat bound for Kos from a Syrian town where the extremist terror group Islamic State have been killing civilians. The sad truth is that the little lifeless body […]