What I learned from results day

Results day is weird. You wait a long, long time for it, and it’s over in a second. This year, the wait from my last exam to 8 August felt painfully slow, especially given the fact I’d just sat five Highers and this was, arguably, the most important academic year of my life. I don’t know […]

Praising our feline friends 🐱

How’s your day going? Good? Not so good? Either way, results day is a big ol’ bag of stress. We’re shaking just thinking about it. Never fear though as today marks an even fluffier, happier, sometimes sassy occasion – it’s International Cat Day. 🐱 Yup, the king of the jungle and the king or queen […]

Coping with exam results day

The build up to receiving exam results can be a very daunting time, particularly when you have conditions to meet to secure your place at university or college. Whilst many of us have been there, there isn’t a huge amount that can be said to steady those jitters. However, here’s a few things to remember […]

Don’t miss the MySQA sign up deadline!

While you’re enjoying your summer break, exam results are probably the last thing on your mind – but 9 August is edging ever closer, and it’s time to get prepared! To save you anxiously waiting on the postman arriving on the ninth, the SQA has a handy service where you’ll get your results by text […]

The Source Guide To… Surviving Results Day

The big day is here! It’s time for results. After weeks of studying and what feels like a decade’s worth of exams filled with tough essay questions and boggling equations, when you don’t get the results you hoped for, your hard work can feel like a waste of time. But one or two missed grades in your SQA exams doesn’t mean the end of […]