Further your career prospects with Aldi

On the face of it, Aldi is a quirky, down-to-earth supermarket, providing its customers with great quality at discount prices. Take a look at the bigger picture and it’s quite breathtaking. We’re one of the most impressive retailers in the global business market today. With a simple goal of providing value and quality, using leaner […]

Get a job mate! Five ways to earn money

Keen to start saving for next year’s Ibiza trip, a shiny new Xbox or that outrageously pricey pair of boots? There are loads of ways to make some extra dosh which don’t involve washing neighbours’ cars or cleaning up the dog poop in your garden. Waiting Tables that is. Waiting and waitressing is a common […]

Fashion careers: store manager

Jacqueline Kilday, store manager, Vivienne Westwood Jacqueline is the manager of the Glasgow branch of luxury fashion brand Vivienne Westwood, where she’s worked for the last year and nine months. How did you get into retail? Worked my way up in retail. I started as a sales assistant when I was at uni as a […]

The Truth About Working In Retail

At one point or another, all students have to get a part-time job to support themselves through their studies. (Unless your parents are millionaires or you’re from Made In Chelsea – in that case, lucky you!) Retail is a very popular option with students, with the industry employing 2.77 million people in the UK alone. […]