The Most Obscure Societies at Scottish Universities

Clubs and societies are an essential part of student life at universities world-wide and reflect the variety of people who attend each one. For university applicants hoping to study in Scotland starting this September, the clubs and societies on offer at each university could affect the final decision they make. There are 15 universities in […]

Top Scots to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is great but sometimes the endless selfies and food photos get a little boring, so we’re constantly on the look out for interesting new accounts to follow. There are so many brilliant Scottish Instagrammers who post photos which show off the best bits of our country. Misty mountains or city evenings – whatever your tastes, […]

Here’s Why Scotland is the Best Place on Earth

We are naturally really optimistic people. Especially when it comes to weather… I mean, who remembers when we named a hurricane this… We put pasta INSIDE our pies Went to Scotland for a few hours to see some pals get married, saw some men in skirts, did some country dancing and took one single photo. […]

#Blow Interview: How I launched Scotland’s Most Popular Hair Salon

Spent my afternoon in the beaut #blowshawlands they made my hair appointment so enjoyable! Would definitely recommend to everyone 💇🏻👌🏽💕 #blow #ohblow #hairdressers #colour #shawlands #glasgow A photo posted by Jacqueline Haire 🦄🍾💕 (@jacqueshaire) on Aug 5, 2016 at 12:54pm PDT Less than three years ago, Fallon Carberry set Glasgow alight when she launched a […]

Best Things To Do In Scotland’s Two Days Of Summer

The sun’s finally out, so it’s time to make the most of Scottish summer while it’s here. If you’re bored of lying down in a patch of sun at the park, here’s a few alternatives. Camping Although not blessed with great weather all year round, Scotland is blessed with amazing camping spots. From Glen Etive to Loch Lomond, […]

Scottish Youths: The real reaction to the EU Ref Results

Before the referendum, Remain campaigners voiced concerns that laid-back youngsters would cost Britain its future in the EU, by leaving it to others to vote in the EU Referendum on their behalf. Now that Britain has voted to leave the EU, with a Scottish turnout of only 67.2%, this fear seems to be realised. But are […]