New to Netflix… January 2018

Friends: Season 1 – 10 1 January How you doin’? This is not a drill folks, Friends is coming to Netflix. We repeat FRIENDS IS COMING TO NETFLIX. And breathe. The series that everyone loves to watch over and over again – from the very first introduction of the gang to the last hurrah where […]

New to Netflix… December 2017

Kick-Ass 1 December We’ve all imagined what it would be like to live the life of a superhero. Teenager Dave Lizewski makes his fantasies a reality by donning a fetching green and yellow diving suit after getting mugged. A comedy filled with drama, witty one-liners and an all-star cast. If you’ve never watched Kick-Ass before, […]

New on Netflix… May 2017

Sense8 – Season 2 5th May   The telepathic gang returns to Netflix this month in a ten-episode long series. Following the rescue of Riley from the mysterious Whispers and the group sailing off into the sunset, they begin to understand the full extent of their power and therefore pose a further threat to the […]

New on Netflix – April 2017

Gremlins 1 April It looks as though Netflix is gearing up to bring back all the cult classics from our younger years! Starting off with Gremlins, Gizmo is the cute and fluffy, slightly strange creature that must not under any circumstances be fed after midnight. Of course one small culinary accident results in Gizmo spawning a […]

Here’s What’s Coming To UK Netflix In November

The Crown: Season 1 (2016) Available 4th November Reportedly the most costly series to make EVER, we expect big things from this Netlix Original. The Crown charts the wild twenties of our very own Queen Liz, In the first episode deals we see her try on her wedding gown, her father’s coughing up blood in […]