The benefits of a full night of sleep

Today is World Sleep Day which celebrates all the joys of sleeping as well as highlighting some of the problems that go with it. There are plenty of issues to do with sleep and education, medicine, social lives and driving, but it is an essential part of everyday life and something that most people enjoy doing. […]

The science of study sleep

Teachers and parents are forever banging on about the importance of a good night’s sleep – and none of us are getting enough of it. But did you know that getting sufficient snooze time can make you more energetic, even-tempered and help your exam performance? Rachael Fulton spoke to Dr Linda Russell, otherwise known as The Sleep Lady, for some […]

5 ways to beat insomnia

You know the feeling. You put the light out, you settle down, pull the covers up around your ears, let out a big sigh of, ‘I’m SO glad it’s bedtime’ and then… Nothing. You’re wide awake. More awake than you’ve been all day. As awake as you could’ve been during double maths. And no matter […]

How to… get a good night’s sleep

We all know that getting a solid eight hours’ sleep a night is good for us, right? It’s the key to being productive, alert and in good health. But just how many of us are achieving it? Not many, if surveys are to be believed. Research published last year showed that 28million of us Brits […]