Throwback Thursday – Unlikely duets

There is something quite magical when two performers come together to work on a banging tune. Rock bands to boybands, rappers and ex-girlband members joining the duet action is always on the cards. From Sonny and Cher to Blue and Elton John some duets are meant to be and others are just a little odd. […]

Throwback Thursday – Tunes in Español

¡Hola! It might be winter but with all the Latino tracks dominating the radio it feels like we might be back in Magaluf. Songs in Spanish are not a new thing – Shakira, Shakira anyone? – but with the likes of Justin Bieber and Little Mix getting in on the action it seems this trend […]

Throwback Thursday: TV theme tunes

In West Philadelphia, born and raised… we sat on the couch and watched some shows. If you’re anything like us then you’ve spent the vast majority of your time watching TV shows. There’s no shame in that. 🎶📺🎶 When it comes to a TV series, the theme tune can either make it or break it. To […]