Going worldwide with TEFL

Maybe you opened your results envelope and didn’t receive the grades you were hoping for. But don’t worry, because there are exciting opportunities out there, leading you on the path to your next adventure. If you’re looking for a gap year experience that allows you to see the world, gain some life experience, and educate […]

Travel, teach, and earn money by doing TEFL on your gap year

If you’re interested in travel and want to get paid for it, you should consider teaching English overseas. It’s a great way to see the world, make money and boost your CV. We talk to TEFL Org UK about what’s on offer. There are paid and voluntary positions available all over the globe; from central and South America […]

A Break From Routine: 2 Years in South Korea

When the final year of my undergrad degree arrived, I was totally clueless when it came to deciding which road to take. The exit sign pointed in two different directions: full-time employment or postgraduate study. Having sat exams annually since the age of 15, I felt pretty unmotivated by a postgrad and although employment seemed like a sensible […]