Throwback Thursday: Retro Tech

We’ll let you into a secret: Apple didn’t invent the first wearable electronic device that you could play games on, it was actually Bill Gates and his crew.

Tomorrow’s Engineers: Music, space and sport

This week, we’re looking at just a few of the fascinating careers that can be launched through choosing to study STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths). A gaping hole in the UK job market means that there is a huge demand for young professionals going in to these industries and this demand is set […]

Making it in the tech business

We doff our hats to an Edinburgh-based cyber-security company, who have been shortlisted for the UK’s most Innovative Small Cyber Security Company of the year. ZoneFox started off as a PhD project for 34-year-old Jamie Graves, but after completing his studies at Napier University found that the small business had the potential to grow. We […]

What your Facebook status really says about you

A survey by some university boffins has shown what our Facebook status updates say about who we truly are. If you enjoy posting about how hot your boyfriend is, chances are you’ll have low self esteem. And if you like updating friends about your diet or tough exercise regime, you’re likely to be narcissist. In […]