All The Celebrities That Marched This Weekend

Saturday January 21st, saw 2.9 million people – yes men and women –  take to the streets to join the peaceful protest across the globe in support of women’s rights. Think hosting the march the day after Trump was inaugurated was a coincidence? Think again. The global marches aimed to unite people against Donald Trump’s presidency, highlighting […]

How the world reacted to the news that Trump is president

What has been the response to Trump’s presidency? We round up the best Tweets from around the world… American activist and political pundit Danielle Moodie-Mills labelled it “hatred on a level that we have not seen since Jim Crow "I have nothing left to lose so I will say it: This is white supremacy's last […]

Louise Pentland tells us what she really thinks about Trump

Tomorrow will draw a close to what seems like the longest elections ever. That’s right, after months of leaked emails, pantsuits and dodgy fake tans,  one of the two blondes (that’s either Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton) will finally be named President of the United States. At least that’s the plan. Donald Trump said he […]