How the world reacted to the news that Trump is president

What has been the response to Trump’s presidency? We round up the best Tweets from around the world… American activist and political pundit Danielle Moodie-Mills labelled it “hatred on a level that we have not seen since Jim Crow "I have nothing left to lose so I will say it: This is white supremacy's last […]

The best things that the 2016 US Presidential Election has given us

Has this been the most internet-friendly US election of all time? Check out our roundup below and let us know what you think!  JUST. WATCH We gone sit here and act like Hillary Clinton ain't been representing Death Row Records at all 3 debates? — (@double_cupp_me) October 20, 2016 The whole election has […]

Throwing Twitter Shade: Best Celeb Wars in 140 Characters

As Twitter and Snapchat erupt with another case of Kanye versus T-Swift, it’s clear the world loves a celebrity cat fight. Kanye is cruising for a suing after his Famous video, which features claims that he made “that b**** famous” in reference to Swifty, and the Kardashian-Wests are Snapchat-baiting Camp Swift to  get a reaction. That moment when […]

Happy Birthday Twitter: A Look Back on 10 Years of Tweeting

Twitter turns 10 today, celebrating a whole decade of 140-character quips and some landmark one-liners along the way. Here we take a look at some of the top tweets of the last ten years. 1) The ‘Wizarding World Meets Hiphop’ Tweet What’s better than JK Rowling taking on internet trolls? JK Rowling taking on internet […]

We are a nation of show-offs

We are the guinea pig generation. There has never been a group of young people growing up surrounded with so much technology invented with the purpose of enhancing our social life. It all started with MSN, Myspace and Bebo – social networking sites designed to help people enhance friendships, upload and share media and exchange […]

#GrowingUpScottish: the best bits

Scotland rocks. We’ve got some of the most beautiful landscapes, best people, strangest traditions, most incredible bands and enough amazing stories to last us for years – and it would seem that social media agrees. For the last 24 hours, the hashtag #GrowingUpScottish has been trending on Twitter, as Scots far and wide recall the […]