Brexit: what is it all about?

Brexit. It’s the word on everyone’s lips recently, but what is it, and how is it going to affect us in the future? We’re here to break it down for you as well as we can – because we’re not entirely sure we get it either…

Throwback Thursday: Cheesy UK Tunes

Admit it, we’re all obsessed with Love Island – even if you’re not watching it, you’re hearing about it and getting involved. To celebrate one of the best reality shows on TV we’re bringing back the best cheesy one hit wonders from the UK – there’s plenty we bet you’ll have forgotten about. Of course […]

The UK’s best social student cities

That time of the year is swiftly coming around again – which university are you going to choose? Obviously, the course and future career prospects are high up on the list – and so is nightlife, who you’re likely to meet and all the other cool/important stuff. Thankfully, the nice guys over at Globehunters have gone […]